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Epicas YOUTH Collagen Coffee

These pods work in the Original Line Nespresso® Machines, not the VertuoLine.

celluvation epicas coffee

celluvation epicas coffee pods

Epicas YOUTH Guatemala No 1

30 Original Line Nespresso® Pods. This product does not contain any collagen. It is programed with the YOUTH frequency set. Retail $70.00 USD Wholesale $60.00 USD

Epicas YOUTH Peru No 2

30 Original Line Nespresso® Pods. This product does not contain any collagen. It is programed with the YOUTH frequency set. Retail $70.00 USD Wholesale $60.00 USD

Epicas YOUTH Collagen Coffee No 3

Ingredients: 4.2 grams of Organic Fair-Trade Coffee 1 gram of Grass Fed, Grass Finished Collagen (Collagen Types 1 & 3) YOUTH frequencies of (Glutathione, Hydrogen, Far Infrared, Collagen, Amino Acids, Vitamin C, Copper)

The Epicas Collagen Coffee will come in a bio-degradable, plant base Nespresso® style pod, no aluminum, no plastic! You will need to get a Nespresso compatible machine. You will place your Epicas YOUTH Collagen Coffee pod into the machine, press a button, done! Out comes an amazing tasting cup of Epicas YOUTH Collagen Coffee espresso!

This is totally a beyond new category creator product. First ever Collagen Coffee, that just happens to be an amazing tasting cup of Espresso! First ever YOUTH Frequency coffee, who would not want to drink coffee that makes you look younger? Basically, the first every frequency enhanced coffee pod! The Epicas YOUTH Collagen CoffeeTM will be programmed with the exact same frequency set that is in our YOUTH product. This will be the ultimate anti-aging coffee! Simple, easy, fast acting results you will be able see and feel! Have a YOUTH espresso coffee party today!

Why is grass fed and grass finished collagen important? Cattle that are fed grains are going to be very low in healthy omegas. Cattle that are grass fed and grass finished will have the highest and healthiest omega fatty acids profile for youth regeneration.

Floral & Velvety

First expresses toasted cereal tones, followed by subtle white floral notes characteristic of Ethiopian Arabica; this is awakened by the acidity of the Kenyan Arabica. All are harmoniously combines in this medium roasted morning blend.


The floral aromatic profile of this morning blend is brought to the fore by two different Ethiopian Arabicas: delicate floral notes unfold thanks to the washed Sidamo beans, while unwashed Mokaboji coffee reveal wilder, heaver floral notes. Washed Kenyan Arabica adds acidity and maintains the aromatics of the profile.


The Coffee is roasted in two splits. The Ethiopian origins are roasted shorter yet lighter to enhance the white and wild floral noted. The second split of Kenyan origins is roasted longer and darker to support the body to this coffee.

Aromatic Profile

The medium body of the blend is obtained by light roasting the Arabicas and completed with a longer contact of coffee with the water during infusion.

Celluvation™ Collagen

Celluvation™ Collagen contains smaller pre-digested peptides compared to those found in other proteins, allowing them to be absorbed by the body more rapidly than intact proteins, thus maximizing nutrient delivery to cells. This greater bio-availability makes Celluvation™ Collagen is ideal when used for health and beauty treatments.

Celluvation™ Collagen is:

Kosher Certified Gluten-free Keto and paleo friendly Grass fed and finished


Skin, hair and nail health Exercise and injury recovery Inflammation and pain reduction Healthy bones and joints Protein supplementation

For some people, traditional whey-and plant-based protein powders can cause digestive issues, such as bloating, gas, and stomach cramps. This could be due to the microbial fermentation that occurs in our guts during digestion, which seems to especially affect individuals with dairy sensitivity or intolerance. Celluvation™ collagen protein powder does not cause gastrointestinal discomfort like this, and since ours is already hydrolyzed, your body can digest the collagen and make use of its benefits quickly and easily.

Celluvation™ Collagen Ingredients: Premium unblended bovine collagen with pre-digested peptides.

Typical Amino Acid Profile

Amount per 1g of collagen per pod (1 Serving)

Milligrams (mg) Alanine 8,490mg Arginine 8,180mg Aspartic Acid 5,650mg Glutamic Acid 9,500mg Glycine 23,100mg Histidine 630mg Hydroxylysine 500mg Hydroxyproline 9,900mg Isoleucine 1,140mg Leucine 2,850mg Lysine 3,940mg Methionine 820mg Phenylalanine 1,870mg Proline 13,800mg Serine 3,300mg Theorine 1,730mg Tyrosine 750mg Valine 2,490mg

We expect the product to launch around May 15th. You can pre-order now! A 30 Pod Box of Epicas YOUTH Collagen Coffee No 3™

Retail $70.00 USD Wholesale $60.00 USD

LIMITED EDITION FIRST PRODUCT RUN Sold-Out, sorry we have completely sold out the first production run. Note: This is different from the item above We only have 3packages available. We alredy pre-sold 10 of the 10 packages availble. They will be ready to ship on April 19th. Each package will have 10 pods in it. Wholesale only orders. Wholesale Price $70.00 USD If you would like one of these first production run orders, please send in a Support Ticket to place your order. These packages are not available in the shopping cart, due to their limited availability. You will be one of the first 10 poeple to get to try and have the new product BEFORE the main production run is ready! You will have way over a 30 day headstart on this new excting product! A Truly Unique World Wide Marketing Opportunity!

Nespresso® started as a company 30 years ago and now has many millions of people, in 82 countries, who enjoy their quality cup of coffee in their homes, offices, hotels and restaurants just by placing one coffee pod into their espresso machine and pushing one button.

Market Share

Packaged portions of espresso coffee, like those from Nespresso®, has become one of the fastest growing segments of the coffee market, accounting for 20 to 40 percent of the value of the $17 billion (US dollars) ground coffee sales in the European coffee market.

In August 2010, it was reported that Nespresso® sales had been growing at an average of 30 percent per year over the previous 10 years, and more than 20 billion capsules had been sold since 2000.

Nespresso® reported annual sales of over 3 billion (US Dollars) in 2011, growing by 20% during the fiscal year.

Celluvation™ is now putting actual grass-fed collagen and our wonderful Youth Crystal frequencies into our new ground coffee that comes in an espresso pod. We have an unprecedented opportunity to be the first coffee product in the world to have actual collagen in it. In addition to that we will add the remarkably effective Youth Frequencies of (Glutathione, Hydrogen, Far Infrared, Collagen, Amino Acids, Vitamin C & Copper).

We will have the healthiest coffee on the planet that is contained in environmentally friendly pods that are aluminum & pastic free and compostable. This is huge, and a win, win for the people for their health and also for the environment.

During times of economic downturns and societal major stress, which we all are experiencing now, people still want to receive some sort of pleasure in life and a good cup of healthy coffee can easily provide that. So, let us go out and promote our Celluvation™ Coffee Project to the masses and let us help get people healthier, by doing what they are already doing and that is drinking coffee!

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Adrian Mathews - 503-353-8968 -  Company Site

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